Hi! I'm Daniel Randolph, an art director focused on digital design.

The truth is, I didn’t set out to become a designer. Growing up in small Midwestern town, all I wanted to do was play sports, blast my trumpet louder than the rest of the band, and get better grades in math than the cutest girl in the class. I wasn’t self aware of my creativity until late in high school, when a teacher handed me a video camera and ushered me off to create anything I wanted. Game on. (I owe you Mr. Ellenberger)

After years in college of exploring everything from journalism and coding to filmmaking and photography, the common thread that kept me energized and excited was improving the design and process of everything we worked on. Then I met After Effects and design took over my life. The complexity of animation combined with graphic design; I was hooked.

Fast forward a few years after working on animation projects for many a Fortune 500 company, I decided to take on a new challenge - leading the digital design efforts of the Cincinnati Reds; the oldest professional sports team in the U.S. Something every Cincinnatian will proudly let you know.

Since that day I’ve focused my career on building brands that connect with their customers by combining storytelling with design systems that help teams across the company bring our brands to life.


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